HOC   i s   an   information   technology   company   specializing   in   sales, repairs, and maintenance as well as network installations. Our   main   client   base   comprises   of   corporate   institutions   with   a significant   focus   on   individual   service   as   well.   We   can   provide   or advise    you    on    any    service    you    may    require    in    the    field    of information technology. Services    are    mostly    provided    on-site    due    to    the    nature    of    the information    technology    environment.    We    provide    support    and installation services for various software products on the market. HOC   currently   support   a   large   variety   of   small   to   medium   size businesses,     insurance     companies,     government     departments, municipalities   and   individuals.   We   offer   competitive   prices   and   we pride   ourselves   on   fast,   effective   service.   We   also   provide   services in   new   hardware   infrastructure   and   upgrades.   This   infrastructure may   include   desktop   user   computers,   server   computers,   network communication equipment and custom designed hardware.
About Us
"The sea of change can pull customers in many directions.   It is our responsibility to take care of them...before the competition  does."
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