When    faulty    equipment,    (namely    desktops, servers,   notebooks,   printers,   monitors,   UPSs) are   brought   in   for   a   repair   quote,   the   following terms and conditions apply; Diagnostic fee HOC   charges   Customer,   and   Customer   shall be    liable    to    pay,    a    diagnostic    fee,    which represents     work     and     services     incurred     to transport,   review,   test,   evaluate   and   diagnose alleged   or   actual   faults   and   to   issue   a   quote   of estimated   fees   to   be   incurred   for   Services   and parts    needed    to    rectify    faults.    The    specific amount    of    the    diagnostic    fee,    which    varies between   approximately,   R300.00   and   R500.00 (subject    to    revision    from    time    to    time).    The diagnostic   fee   is   chargeable   and   payable   by the     Customer     whether     or     not     Customer ultimately   instructs   HOC   to   proceed   with   repair quoted.      If   unable   to   repair,   HOC   will   forward the   equipment   to   the   supplier   for   an   evaluation and   quote   to   repair.   Unless   the   equipment   is under    warranty,    repair    quotes    not    accepted usually   carry   a   quote   rejection   fee   which   will   be invoiced to the client. Backups Prior   to   dispatching   any   Product   to   HOC   for Services,    Customer    must    make    a    back-up copy    of    all    contents    on    the    Product’s    hard drive,   including   any   data   stored   or   any   installed software.   Although   great   care   are   taken   during
repairs,   HOC   will   not   be   responsible   for   any damage   to   or   loss   of   any   programs,   data,   or other   information   stored   on   any   media   or   any part of any Product. Abandoned equipment HOC   reserves   the   right   to   treat   Products   as abandoned,   if   retained   by   HOC   more   than   6 weeks    after        the    due    date    for    payment    for Services.   Abandoned   Products   will   be   sold   or used   and/or   proceeds   applied   at   HOC’s   sole discretion Warranty HOC   warrants   that   Services   will   be   properly performed     and     the     repaired     Product     will function     properly     and     in     accordance     with applicable    HOC        specifications,    for    90    days after   repair,   replacement   or   other   Services   (as applicable). This    warranty    does    not    apply    to    periodic maintenance    and    repair    or    replacement    of parts    due    to    normal    wear    and    tear,    any consumable   supplied   with   the   Product,   such   as batteries    or    chargeable    batteries,        physical damage   to   liquid   crystal   displays,      damage   to or    loss    of    any    software    programs,    data,    or removable   storage   media,   and      any   damage resulting      from      adaptations,      changes      or adjustments,   which   may   have   been   made   to the Product.
Further,   this   warranty   does   not   cover   damage due   to   the   following:   misuse,   including   failure to    use    Products    for    its    intended    purpose    in accordance    with    the    relevant    instructions    on the   proper   use   and   maintenance,   installation   or use   of   the   Product   in   a   manner   inconsistent with   technical   or   safety   standards,   connection to   incorrect   voltage   supply,   use   of   the   Product in    conjunction    with    third    party    accessories, products   or   ancillary   or   peripheral   equipment attempted   repair   by   any   other   party   accidents, lightning,   water,   fire   or   any   other   such   cause beyond the reasonable control of HOC.
Terms & Conditions
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